CHFI tops every demo in Toronto: Numeris

Meanwhile, Edmonton saw a shake-up for its top station.

The new PPM figures from Numeris, which cover most of the summer season, have been released. During the 13-week period measured by Numeris (May 28 to Aug. 26), most of the same stations stayed on top in various markets, but some cities saw shake-ups for the top station overall as well as with various demographics. Toronto was the lone market where a single station swept every demo – CHFI wooed all age groups, and tied for the top station overall.


CHFI-FM and BOOM 97.3 took bragging rights for the city, each delivering an 11.1 share for adults 12+. CHFI, which previously stood alone at the top with a 12.2% share, saw a slight decrease, while BOOM’s grew slightly.

The two were also close with women 25 to 54: CHFI came out on top, delivering a 12.7% share (down from 14.4%) followed closely by BOOM with a 12.6 % share (down from 15.2). BOOM also won with men in the same age group, boasting a 11.7% share (up from 11.1 %). CHFI happened to lead the way with men 18 to 34 – which is less common, as the station has not recently won with the millennial males – with a 12% share, followed by Boom with 11.4%. CHFI also won with millennial women, although the posting was down to 27.8% (from 23.6%).


CBC Radio One remains ever-popular on the West coast, taking the top spot for adults 12+ with a 12.3% share of hours tuned (down from 15.3%). QM-FM increased its share with women 25 to 54, winning with 17.7% (up from 16.5%). It also won with millennial women with a 16.8% share. Fox took the lead for men 25 to 54 with a 13% share (down from 13.8%).


There was a new top station in town; The Bear surpassed NOW for adults 12+, nearly doubling to 9.3% (up from 5.8%). NOW fell to 8.8% from 10.5%, taking second place. However, it took the top spot for women 25 to 54, up to 22% from 19.5%. It also won with men 25 to 54 (12.5%, flat from last quarter), men 18 to 34 (14.9%) and women 18 to 34 (18.3%).


Country 105 leads the way for adults 12+, taking a 9.7% (up from 8.3% last time out). It also took the top spot for women 25 to 54, delivering a share of 13.1% (up significantly from 10.2%), and with women 18 to 34, growing its share from 14.3% (up from 12.3%). For men 25 to 54, X92.9 stayed on top, its audience share declining only slightly to 10.8% (from 11%). CJAY took the top spot for men 18 to 34 with 11.4$, and Country 105 grew its share with millennial women, posting a 14.3% share and taking the top spot with the demo.


With Francophone audiences 12+, CHMP took the market with a 14.8% share (although that was down from 18.3%). Adults 12+ (Anglo) opted for CJAD, with a 28.1% share (down from 29.4%). CFGL won with women 25 to 45 (Franco), delivering a 16.2% share (down from 19.3%). Women 25 to 54 (Anglo) favoured The Beat with a 27.9% share (up from 26.2%). Men 25 to 54 (Franco) went for CHMP (17.8% share, down from 20.5%). Men 25 to 54 (Anglo) went for CHOM at 25% (up from 24.1%).