Pinterest fuels lower-funnel interactions with carousel ads

Ad products manager Francis Larkin explains that the format allows more categories to play on Pinterest.
Pinterest Carousel

Social network Pinterest has just added promoted carousel ads to its stable of ad products.

The social network, which recently launched a Canadian outpost, now allows advertisers to include up to five photos in order to showcase more information or images related to their services. Users will see the carousel-style ad in their feed as they would any other Pin, but can swipe through it and explore the various components of it before clicking through to the advertiser’s page.

Francis Larkin, ad products marketing manager at Pinterest, explains to MiC: “Many of our users are in a state of actively considering what they want to do and want to buy. Carousel ads are meant to cater to that mindset.”

Ads can either be purchased through a set price model or a cost-per-click basis. The units have been tested across categories – from cosmetics (CoverGirl) to automotive (Toyota), food (Cheerios) and retail (REI). “We’ve seen a wide diversity of use cases,” says Larkin, who acknowledges that Pinterest tends to be seen mainly as a place for health and beauty, CPG and fashion. “A lot of partners are interested in telling more nuanced stories, and the format can adapt to different needs that way. They can use the ads as story images, use it to talk about different features on a product, or more of a catalogue featuring different products from the same collection.”

Larkin explains that Pinterest is also actively looking to make planning, activating and managing campaigns easier, which it’s done by making an update to its ads manager product, adding new metrics and upgrading usability.

Additionally, Pinterest appointed its first-ever CMO on Monday. Andréa Mallard, who joins the company from Athleta, will be tasked with selling Pinterest as an ad solution to marketers around the world.