Digital represents 15% of Canadian OOH buys: report

According to Warc’s latest Global Ad Trends report, global spend on the format will reach close to $15bn – accounting for all growth in the OOH market.

Digital out of home (DOOH) ad spend is on the rise worldwide, with Warc’s latest Global Ad Trends report estimating global spend will reach close to US$15 billion this year – accounting for all growth in the OOH market.

According to the report, digital’s share of OOH advertising will hit $14.6 billion globally this year, representing 37.3% of all OOH spend. Digital OOH spend is also expected to rise 10.1% per year for the next four years. It’s already experienced a steady rise over the past several years, climbing from a 22.7% share in 2012 to 32.4% in 2016 and 34.8% last year.

A spokesperson from Warc tells MiC that total Canadian OOH spend reached CA$735 million in 2017, and is expected to rise 10% to CA$808 million this year – 15.1% (CA$122 million) of which will be digital.

The report asserts that the growth is being driven by the comparatively higher CPMs that digital commands, as well as “the rising penetration of digital panels and the opportunity to combine data-driven targeting with powerful, dynamic creative.”

Warc categorizes DOOH advertising as everything from video and digital content on large-format boards to transit advertising and smaller, indoor place-based spots at airports, corporate centres and malls.

Brands across Canada have been experimenting with DOOH and the features it allows, such as targeting, daypartying and programmatic buying. Confectionery brand Nestle rolled out its programmatic campaign, “A Little of What You Love,” on DOOH provider Campsite’s Outdoor Exchange. Campsite is among the growing number of tech providers to capitalize on the rise of DOOH with the launch of a programmatic exchange in September through partnerships with both Pattison Outdoor and Astral.


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