Marcangelo signs first sponsorship deal with TLN

The partnership is designed for broad appeal as the brand looks to reach more than just Gen X and young boomers.

Deli meat company Marcangelo Foods has signed on as the presenting sponsor of Lidia’s Kitchen, a cooking and lifestyle show on specialty network TLN.

The new season of Lidia’s premieres Jan. 2. The 26-episode season will feature celebrated chef Lidia Bastianich cooking up Italian recipes designed for entertaining. Marcangelo’s foods will be featured prominently throughout the broadcast. As part of the sponsorship, Marcangelo’s brand will also be promoted through on-air spots and digital ad domination.

LidiaIrv Teper, CEO of parent co Concord Group of Companies, tells MiC the integration with Lidia’s – which also happens to be its first TV sponsorship – was designed specifically for broad appeal, because the company changed the way it approached Marcangelo’s go-to-market strategy with respect to demographics.

“We used to really pin down demographics, and we used to say we were a 29 to 54, family product,” he says. “We know that we’re not that now. We know that we appeal to singles, we appeal to seniors, we appeal to millennials. Anyone who wants to live a good lifestyle, particularly with respect to charcuterie.”

Having recently launched the Italian Masterpiece Collection into the Canadian market, Marcangelo wanted to embark on a larger media plan than its typical mix of print and social.

“We think being associated with Lidia gives us that strong Italian demo,” he says, adding that he believes TLN has a diverse enough audience that it will appeal to more than just Italian viewers.

Marcangelo brokered the deal directly with TLN, having advertised in traditional TV spots on the network for a number of years.