Nutrl ups its sponsorship spend with TIFF

The global exposure will help Nutrl amidst its international launch.

Alcohol brand Nutrl, which specializes in sugar-free cocktail beverages, has signed a sponsorship agreement with TIFF.

Nutrl, which is owned by independent, Vancouver-based distillery Goodridge and Williams, will become the official vodka and vodka soda for the Toronto International Film Festival.

For Nutrl, the deal comes at a time when it’s poised to embark on a more global stage. “We’re growing very rapidly,” Paul Meehan, head of marketing for Nutrl, tells MiC. “We’re increasing in accessibility, so having it on-premise will add to that.”

Specifically, says Meehan, he considers Nutrl (which aims to target consumers who avoid sugar with its ready-to-drink soda product) as “premium populist” for its pricing point. That, he says, is also a way he’d describe TIFF. “There’s prestige, but it’s the world’s largest public film festival. It’s one of those things that Canada is so proud of – it’s so overtly cool.”

By the time Nutrl hits the festival in Toronto this September, which attracts celebrities, journalists and influencers worldwide, Nutrl will have made its first international launch – it’s hitting U.S. shelves in May. Meehan says with that launch upcoming, the brand is also looking to expand its presence on its most major advertising property, Hockey Night in Canada.

Hockey Night in Canada is currently its biggest media investment, says Meehan, which he says helps Nutrl because it stands out in a sea of beer adverts. Aside from the hockey sponsorship, he says, it has engaged in smaller sponsorship efforts, but mostly regional and smaller-scale things like music therapy foundation Music Heals and Vancouver Fashion Week. “Nothing to the scale of TIFF,” he says.

Meehan’s own agency, Meehan Ideas, brokered the sponsorship deal.