OLG at the top again: Media Monitors

CTV also held the top spot in Montreal.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has now been the top buyer of radio advertising for five straight weeks in Toronto.

According to the latest Media Monitors’ charts, which covers the week of March 4 to 10, OLG purchased 1,529, indicating that there are no signs of its radio advertising slowing down.

The rest of the top-five buyers in Toronto hadn’t purchased ads in the previous week. BMO came in second with 1,139 ads, Rogers followed with 793, Desjardins Insurance took the fourth spot with 708 and Speedy Glass rounded out the top-five with 669.

BMO’s big buy lifted the profile of the financial category; banks, credit unions, mortgages and financial services, making it the top buying category. With more than 3,200 spots, the category more than doubled its previous buy.

CTV remained at the top in the Montreal market, with 554 total spots.

That was followed by new entrant BMO, Bell Internet and TV (down from #2), Gouvernement du Québec (steady at #4) and furniture retailer Brault & Martineau (up from #8).

Restaurants and nightclubs represented the most active buying category in Montreal.

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