Another big buy for OLG: Media Monitors

CTV also stayed on top in Montreal.

OLG has had yet another week as the biggest radio buyer in the Toronto market. According to the latest Media Monitors report, which covers the week of March 18 to 24. This past week, OLG increased its buy to 1,357 spots, up from the 1,200 it purchased last week.

Behind OLG were two new entrants, the Honda Dealer Association and the Acura Dealer Association. Rounding out the top-five were Staples, which stayed unchanged from its previous position, and eBay, up from #8.

The impact of Honda and Acura’s buy helped bring car and truck dealer associations to the top for categories, with a buy of more than 5,000 (more than doubled from the last week’s buy). Local dealers came in second with 2,767 spots total.

Montreal had the same top buyer from previous weeks as well; CTV held strong at the top with 493 spots (down from last week’s buy of 616).

That was followed by the Gouvernement du Québec, a new entrant to the list, and Bureau en Gros (Staples Quebec brand), up from #4. Rounding out the top-five was new entrant The Source, and Virgin Mobile, which shot up from #33.

But despite CTV’s stronghold at the top, cars and trucks dominated Montreal’s market overall. The Asian factory auto category was the top buying collective, with 683 spots. Restaurants and night clubs weren’t far behind, with 680.

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