Captivate inks new deal with Cadillac Fairview

The deal will see Captivate's new multipurpose screens installed throughout CF's building network.

Place-based OOH network Captivate, which specializes in office spaces, has had a big year, with more than 60 buildings added to its network. Now, the company has signed an agreement with commercial real estate giant Cadillac Fairview to be the exclusive supplier of digital media in its office spaces.

Barb Huggett, GM of Captivate Canada, confirmed to MiC that although Captivate already had a pre-existing deal with CF on its elevators, this agreement will expand to Captivate’s newer multipurpose display unit.

Huggett describes the multipurpose display units as 55″ digital screens that go throughout the office buildings in spaces such as lobbies, conference spaces, security desks, tenant suites and halls.

“The best thing about it is that it internalizes our expansion within the buildings we’re in,” says Huggett. She adds that because Captivate has been long known for its elevator network, the multipurpose screens can help it expand into more lower- and mid-rise buildings and business centres.

For Huggett, the last year has been a whirlwind for Captivate. Although it has stayed true to its bread-and-butter – offices – it has gained major ground with more than 60 new buildings, with its total now over 240. Last year’s expansion into Ottawa marked both a new market and a new offering – bilingual content services – and although it remains focused on the major urban markets it is currently in (with Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver being the primary targets), Huggett says it’s eyeing further expansion. She says by early 2020, it hopes to be in 300 buildings.

Besides the multipurpose screens, Captivate holds the exclusive rights to all elevator screens in its 32 buildings and all future builds.

Besides the quality of CF’s buildings – Huggett emphasizes that it fits with Captivate’s mandate to capture professionals who have money at an ideal daypart – as partners, she says they’ve helped Captivate evolve as well. “They come to us with ideas in terms of products as well,” she says, citing the multipurpose screens as an example of a product created through a large amount of client feedback.

Advertising clients Captivate has worked with include Microsoft, Shopify, HSBC, TD and others.