iProspect wins BDO Canada

CEO Dan Kalinski says the business is already digitally savvy, but iProspect is now tasked with activating around the right data.

Business and professional services firm BDO Canada has selected a new media AOR, Dentsu Aegis Network shop iProspect.

BDO is looking to increase awareness for its line of services, which includes accounting, consulting, tax and advisory services.

iProspect is charged primarily with developing a digital strategy to drive growth for BDO.

iProspect CEO Dan Kalinski says often, the agency is tasked with getting big-spending clients to adjust to new, digital-focused models. “Then you have clients who have really embraced digital, and BDO is a client like that. We actually think about the digital space in a very similar way.”

Kalinski says that during the pitch, iProspect focused on consumer-centricity and how to continue that through digitization. “We really think and talk about the reorganization of the world around the individual. They [consumers] have high expectations and they have a limited attention span and limited time to engage. So your model has to be about relevant context and relevant time in order to connect at intent.”

Kalinski describes BDO as “almost a sleeping giant,” adding that they have a booming business, but not the same awareness levels coming consumers as competitors in the space. “While they’re very forward-thinking in digital, they need an agency partner who can organize it for them. We’re not talking about digital transformation as a top-down mandate, we’re looking at better activating around quality data.”

The agency also says it will collaborate with its partners across the Dentsu Aegis Network including Isobar, ICUC and Dentsu Enterprise Solutions to develop an integrated brand solution for BDO Canada. Kalinski adds that iProspect has proprietary technology within the Dentsu network in order to activate against more first-party data segments.