Domestic auto industry on the rise: Media Monitors

Nissan rose in Toronto radio market, while Bell Internet-TV made a big purchase in Montreal.

For the first time in weeks, the Toronto radio market belongs to the auto industry as the Nissan Dealer Association jumped to the top spot for the week ending June 2.

Purchasing 1,212 ad units, Nissan moved to #1 from its eighth-place finish the week previous in the Toronto radio market. Also climbing up was Bank of Montreal, which took the #2 spot with 1,181 play counts, up from #9 last week. In #3 spot, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation purchased 1,062 ad units. Rounding out the top-five were Bell Internet-TV with 1,055 purchases and the Royal Bank of Canada who fell to #5 from #1 last week, with 843 units.

However, financial institutions remained the top buying category in Toronto with 5,103 spots, nearly 1,000 more than the week previous. The auto dealer association remained in the #2 spot despite purchasing just 2,776 play counts, down from 4,129 last week. In #3 lotteries held 1,943 play counts. Rounding out the top-five were telecom bundled services with 1,593 spots and fast food restaurants with 1,547.

Bell Internet-TV made a significant move in the Montreal radio market taking the #1 spot with 511 plays after sitting at #91 last week. BMO took the #2 spot with 324 play counts and CTV took #3 with 304. With 226 plays, Tim Hortons took the #4 spot, up from #45 last week and Shoppers Drug Mart entered the charts at #5 with 198 plays.

Telecom bundled services were the top buying category in Montreal with 970 spots, nearly doubled from 523 last week. Restaurants and nightclubs came in at #2 with 654 spots and financial institutions were in #3 with 587. Television and cable TV took #4 with 581 spots and bedding retailers and manufacturers rounded out the top-five with 459 spots.