FrontRunner brings Amanda Dorenberg into the c-suite

Reporting to COO Janet Weiss, Dorenberg plans to onboard data top develop analytics platform.

OOH media tech provider FrontRunner Technologies has been carefully crafting itself in the programmatic world with the integration of Campsite, Now, it’s made another big play in the space, hiring Amanda Dorenbergas partner and chief data and technology officer.

Dorenberg (pictured right), who brings 15 years of senior level marketing technology, media and advertising experience – including building and selling two startups – recognizes her particular breadth, but is adamant that is where the industry is headed. Anyone looking to get into media advertising, data or tech, she says, has to come with a combination of skills and be willing to work outside their silo. “Your title doesn’t really matter, when you’re basically doing everything,” Dorenberg tells MiC. “I think that’s why I like startups so much. I really like to have my hands in a lot of different things.”


Joining FrontRunner, Dorenberg says, was a chance to be part of something highly disruptive. “I love the combination of pop tech meets media tech and being able to turn unoccupied real estate into this beautiful, immersive interactive, real time content opportunities.”

And, it doesn’t always have to be about advertising, she says, pointing to what she thinks is a lack of innovative thought in the DOOH industry where she says players place too much focus on trying to emulate the online space.

“I would love to see the industry really take a hold of the potential that DOOH has, both from an interactivity standpoint and a content standpoint … displaying art or content [supporting] local communities.” From both an analytics and content standpoint, she says there is still a lot of growth for the industry to undergo.

Dorenberg’s main focus will be to build out the FrontRunner tech stack, which includes Firefly, the company’s proprietary technology that combines a high-lumen projection system with an ad server and analytics. Deploying 200 of them in roughly 12 months is a “very, very aggressive growth plan,” from a technology standpoint, that translates to growth for the advertiser and brand, she says.

As well, Dorenberg plans to use the vast amounts of data FrontRunner has from assets like Campsite to build FrontRunner’s presence on both the real estate and advertising sides. “Enhancing that is my first order of business,” she says. “Really my goal is to build out a crazy, robust analytics platform and onboard and enhance our programmatic offering.”