Twitter introduces bidding on six-second views

The company says the new option was introduced in order to better fit with advertiser demands.
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For Canadian ad buyers, there’s a new way to transact on Twitter.

The social media platform is now allowing advertisers to bid on six-second video views. With this, advertisers will be able to transact on a longer view than Twitter’s shorter view bids (one and two seconds) on the following products: promoted video, in-stream video sponsorship and in-stream video ads (all under 15 seconds in length). The view will apply to units with pixels at least 50% in view.

Andrea MacDonald, manager of large client solutions at Twitter Canada, tells MiC Twitter wanted to better fit with brand needs.

“Advertisers wanted a solution that tells the full brand story effectively,” she says. “Longer views are the best proxy for gauging ROI, and many advertisers as a result are looking at completion rates as their primary KPI.”

She says Twitter’s own research – done through a study with EyeSee – determined that three-second views also make an impact, but advertisers still wanted something “bigger.”

She says CPMs still fall “very much in line” with other digital media companies’ six-second view bid.

The new buying format is available effective immediately.