Staples takes the top spot: Media Monitors

The auto industry shook up both the Toronto and Montreal markets jumping some 50 spots for some manufacturers.

Staples Supplies

As back-to-school season nears, Staples has made its presence known on the Media Monitors charts, rising to the #1 spot for the week ending August 25.

With 896 spots, the office supply retailer rose one spot to take the lead in the Toronto market while the Hyundai Dealer Association slid into #2 with 841 ad buys. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario stayed the course at #3 with 839 buys. The Canadian National Exhibition, in the lead for the past two weeks, fell to #4 and the Honda Dealer Association rose nearly 50 spots to take #5.

With two dealer associations in the top-five this week, it claimed the top-buying category with nearly double the spots, up to 3,103 from 1,803 the week previous. Financial services came in second and cars and trucks, local dealers took the #3 spot. Rounding out the top-five were casinos, hotels and resorts followed by QSRs.

In Montreal, Dormez-vous and CTV maintained their leads in the first and second spots with 355 and 287 spots, respectively. Nissan climbed to #3 from #13 last week purchasing 249 play counts. And in the #4 spot was Bell Internet-TV with Hyundai taking #5.

The Asian auto factory was the top buying category, upping its spend from 809 spots last week to 1,227 this week. Bedding retailers and manufacturers fell one place to #2 with slightly fewer buys, down to 707 from 911 the week previous. And, consumer electronics sales and service, with 560 spots (up from 129 last week) took #3. Restaurants and nightclubs and television and cable TV took the #4 and #5 spots, respectively.


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