Staples stays on top: Media Monitors

As back-to-school shopping and end-of-summer events wind down, the radio buying charts could see a change soon.

For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – and for Staples, that means mass reach through radio.

The office supply chain stayed on top of the Toronto radio buying charts according to the latest report for Media Monitors, which covers the week ending Sept. 1. Staples upped its buy from last week with a total of 925 spots.

Second-place finisher was the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), which wrapped up on Labour Day. The CNE closed out this week with 818 spots.

Rounding out the top-five were Sleep Country Canada (up from #9), Ford F-150 (up from #7) and 1-800-GOT-JUNK (up from #18).

Auto dealer associations, the previous top-buying category in Toronto, fell off the top-10 entirely, while banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers and financial services topped the category charts with a collective 1,718 buys. That was followed by amusement and events (with 1,667 spots, nearly 50% of those came from the Ex) and fast casual/QSR businesses.

In Montreal, Sleep Country’s Dormez-vous stayed on top with an increased buy of 411 spots (up from last week’s 355). With the fall TV season soon to unfurl, CTV stayed in second place with 307 spots. The top-five was rounded out by Bell Internet and TV (up from #4), Starz (up from #10) and new buyer Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Asian factory car and truck category remained on top, although collectively far fewer spots were purchased than the previous week. Together, advertisers purchased 718 ads, down from 1,237. That category was followed by bedding retail and manufacturers, and television/cable TV.

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