Wendy’s sizzles at the top: Media Monitors

The QSR leads in Toronto, while CTV hits #1 in Montreal.


There’s a new face at the top of the Media Monitors charts for the week ending Sept. 8 – one with freckles, ginger hair and a pair of iconic pigtails.

Up from #7 last week, QSR Wendy’s took the top spot this week in Toronto with 1,337 spots. Canadian Tire finished the week debuting at #2 with 983 spots and Staples, at the top for back-to-school season the past two weeks, fell to #3 with 799 ad buys.

Bell Internet, up to #4 from #6 last week and 1-800-GOT-JUNK, staying the course in fifth, rounded out the top-five.

Wendy’s top-place finish made QSRs the top-buying category for the week, followed by banks and financial institutions and business and consumer services. Office and computer supplies, equipment and furniture rounded out the top-five along with lotteries.

Back on top in Montreal, CTV climbed up from #2 last week with 551 spots as Dormez-vous was knocked from #1 after two weeks with 445 spots. Bell Internet-TV maintained its #3 rank with 319 ads. In the Quebec market, Canadian Tire was fourth followed by The Source up two places to #5 this week.

With CTV at the top, television and cable TV was the top-buying category this week with 686 spots, followed by bedding retailers and manufacturers with 648. Retails stores took third with 481 ads and telecom bundled services rounded out the top-five with restaurants and nightclubs.