Captivate adds a new programmatic partner

The DOOH specialist has partnered with Hivestack to make its inventory available to more buyers.

Place-based digital media specialists Captivate have signed on with a new programmatic partner, location-based martech company Hivestack. Now, advertisers will be able to purchase ads programmatically on Captivate’s network through Hivestack’s ad exchange in addition to the Vistar and Campsite platforms.

Hivestack incorporates custom audience targeting based on location as well as behaviours. Additionally, its native APIs allows users to access integrated reporting and monitoring. Barb Hugget, general manager at Captivate Canada says it’s a key move for clients and for the OOH space in general.

“Programmatic is probably going to play more and more of a role, specifically because of how much audience data there is now that you can overlay along with location data.” While she estimates that programmatic as a whole represents 10-to-20% of digital OOH buys, (and digital only represents a fraction of Canada’s OOH faces), she says programmatic is especially crucial for Captivate, which has always been 100% digital.

“The more ways to put our inventory out there, the better.”

Some of Captivate’s premium ad units are not available through the exchange yet, but all of its standard ad units are now available.

Besides growing programmatically in 2020, Huggett says she has a goal to continue physical expansion with the company and hopefully increase its market share. While Captivate will continue to stick to its specialty – high-end office buildings – augmenting its variety within those offices is a key priority. “We’ve always been known as the elevator network for so long,” Huggett admits. Earlier this year it extended its multipurpose and large-format products, which Huggett hopes will help raise its profile beyond elevators.

“Our audience is a high-value, working audience. When you think about your own life and where you spend it, when you take out the eight hours of the day that you’re sleeping, how much time are you spending at your office? It’s significant and it’s growing every year.”