Nissan tops out at #1: Media Monitors

Auto dealers have rises on the charts and Tim Hortons makes big plays in both Toronto and Montreal.


There are some new brands at the top of the Media Monitors charts for the week ending Sept. 15 as auto dealers and a QSR take the top-three.

Topping out at #1 in the Toronto market was the Nissan Dealer Association which climbed up from #7 with 898 ads purchased. Tim Hortons climbed 56 spots to take #2 with the purchase of 863 ad units followed by the Toyota Dealer Association, breaking into the top-three with 751 buys. Ford, climbing into #4 from #46 last week and Bell Internet falling one spot to #5, rounded out the top-five.

Cars, trucks and dealer associations were the top-buying category, more than tripling their spend with 2,963 spots, up from 834 last week. QSRs came in at #2 and banks, credit unions and financial services were third.

CTV and Dormez-vous continue to dominate the Montreal market with 547 and 396 spots, respectively. Bell took #3 with 279 spots, while Bell Internet-TV took #4 and Tim Hortons climbed up to #5 from #36 last week.

The Asian auto factory was the top-buying category upping its spend to 711 spots from just 13 the week previous. The domestic auto factory also increased its ad buys up to 696 from 282 to take the #2 spot while bedding retailers and manufacturers took #3.