Media Experts gets recognition from Microsoft

After more than 10 years of work with the tech and media giant, the IPG shop has been awarded as its Canadian agency partner of the year.
MEX Microsoft award

Last week in New York, tech and media company Microsoft held its annual gala recognizing its agency, media and tech partners from around the world. With three Canadian advertising agency partners shortlisted, the Canadian Advertising Agency Partner of the Year award was handed to Media Experts.

The award recognizes agencies that are using Microsoft’s services and partner programs to create effective client solutions.

Chris Sylvestre, director of search marketing systems with Media Experts, tells MiC the award was won for a variety of reasons – centering around both the relationship it has built with Microsoft over the years, for the ways it drives client business through Microsoft’s platforms.

Sylvestre says Media Experts has entered the Best Canadian Agency once since it was added several years ago, but this is its first win. “[Microsoft has] been recognizing that Canada is a bigger player, and that they needed to add that country in there.”