Chameleon and FrontRunner strike mobile data partnership

With mobile polygon technology, FrontRunner can now offer clients mobile location-based data.

Chameleon Digital Media has partnered with FrontRunner Technologies to enhance its targeting and attribution abilities through mobile polygon technology.

The tech is a geotargeting mobile location-based system able to measure a device within a three-foot perimeter of any building, or FrontRunner window front, explains Alan Sifuentes, GM of digital at Chameleon.

Powered by UberMedia, a California-based mobile location data company, Chameleon can understand movements of mobile devices after they have entered a polygon or been exposed to an ad, tracked through GPS signals from apps and games, he explains.

“We can understand who has visited a specific location,” says Sifuentes, “where do they live, where do they work, what other locations do they visit, what other interests do they have, demographics, all of it.”

Sifuentes tells MiC Chameleon has teamed up with others to use the technology but the difference with FrontRunner is how the company has integrated the data into an econometric model.

What FrontRunner has done is innovative, Sifuentes says, using the data in three instrumental ways. Under the econometric model, FrontRunner is able to gauge unique reach through visitor frequency and time stamps. By understanding who has been at their window fronts, the company can now retarget those devices. The data also provides for foot traffic attribution, tracking how often devices are later detected at specific retail locations congruent with ads.

Amanda Dorenberg, FrontRunner’s Chief Information Officer said Chameleon’s level of transparency when it comes to data was one of the key factors in choosing to partner.

Sifuentes says the company provides clients with reports detailing their methodologies and algorithms to review internally with developers and IT teams, something he says a lot of vendors aren’t able to do. Though it can be expensive and challenging to make sure data is used to its full potential, it is about building trust with clients, Sifuentes says.

“We are putting our secret sauce out there,” he kids, but, “it gives us the advantage.”