Connected Interactive gets granular with Environics Analytics

A new partnership will see the Toronto-based programmatic company get access to behavioural and financial information, as well as premium segmentation info.

Toronto-based programmatic and digital company Connected Interactive has partnered with Environics Analytics in an effort to offer clients far deeper insights into their audiences when executing campaigns.

Now, Connected Interactive will have access to EA’s behavioural and financial databases, as well as its popular proprietary Prizm segmentation tool, and will be able to offer that access to its customers for more comprehensive audience targeting.

Brian Wylie, COO at Connected Interactive, tells MiC that Connected Interactive already strives to give clients deeper insights into the people who are viewing campaigns, so working with Environics Analytics was a given. “Everybody is looking for good Canadian data,” he tells MiC. “They want data that’s not been infused with any U.S. influence. Combine that with everything that’s going on in a newly cookie-free environment, and what Environics offers answers a lot of concerns with regards to data.”

He says there’s currently a movement of clients demanding “premium data” from partners – which he says has nothing to do with what kind of data is being shared but rather where the data comes from.

“What makes data premium, typically, is that it comes straight from the source,” he says. With a surplus of data and much of that being third-party, Wylie says that since Environics Analytics has long been known as a provider of premium first-party data, it has “a lot of respect behind it.”

Connected Interactive will now be able to build mobile audiences from almost 20,000 variable data points, which can be passed along to either agencies or trading desks. Wylie sees particular potential for this deeper offering in the CPG sector, because the scale of the data will enable better targeting along the consumer journey.