Auto dominates radio buying in Toronto: Media Monitors

In Montreal, however, CTV was back on top as the biggest buyer in radio.

With the Toronto International Auto Show in town last weekend, the city’s radio market was flooded with auto advertisements.

Of the top-five busiest buying brands in Toronto, three were in automotive, while one was the show itself. Hyundai, which had not purchased any radio ads in Toronto the week before, was the most prolific buyer with 840 spots. That was followed closely by the Auto Show, at 789. Nissan came in a close third, followed by Sunwing, with the Toyota Dealer Association rounded out the top-five.

It should come as no surprise that cars and truck dealer associations was the biggest buying category, with nearly 3,200 total spots. Its buy was 43% bigger than the second-place category of QSRs.

Montreal’s annual auto show has long since past, so it was, for the most part, buying business as usual in the market. CTV was back on top with 471 ads. Close behind was Bell Internet and TV at 458. New entrant Mazda came in a distant third at 264 spots, while Educ’alcool and IGA rounded out the top-five in the city.

Broadly, however, brands within the car and truck, Asian factory category did purchase enough to make the category the biggest collective buyer in the market, with a total of 687 spots – just outpacing television and cable (668).

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