How a new ad unit is shortening the path to purchase

LoopMe is the latest adtech provider to dive into shoppable units, which it says is a response to changing consumer behaviour.

LoopMe 1Adtech provider LoopMe has launched new shoppable ad units that enable items to be added directly to the cart from within the ad, closing the loop on ad performance driving purchases. It’s rolling them out in the U.S. first, although LoopMe does have a Canadian office in Toronto and works with automotive, entertainment and retail clients.

Shoppable units are offered in various high-impact rich media formats, of which video can be included in all. They include interscroller, interstitial and tap-to-expand.

Mel Bessaha, SVP for North America at LoopMe, says, “The core functionality is that the ad unit will include an ‘add to cart’ button that links directly to a retailer such as Amazon [or] Walmart. If a consumer then decides to make a purchase, they will be taken to the ecommerce site of choice and their cart will be pre-populated and ready for checkout.”

On the marketer side, he says the ‘add to cart’ function earlier in the customer’s buying process allows brands to gain insights into which products are of interest and helps them harness more deterministic insights from their ad campaigns than proxy metrics like clicks or delivery data.

Bessaha says the shoppable unit was developed based on consumer behaviourial shifts. “More than ever, consumers are moving their shopping online, and we’re seeing that reflected during key buying periods like the holidays. Early campaigns have shown that consumers are four-to-five times more likely to begin shopping in an ad unit than to click through to a brand’s website, which has led to a 33% increase in user interactions and a 21% increase in time spent.”

With this new functionality, not only is the consumer experience better – which drives brand affinity – but also the ease of purchasing is improved, closing the loop between ad effectiveness and actual sales results.

Additionally, he says LoopMe hears from clients the need to gather more first-party data on the shopper journey, rather than relying on ecommerce sites to provide this information. Brands get to see more unique data about what consumers are adding to the cart within the ad unit itself.

Shoppable ads have been on the rise on social; Instagram and Snapchat have incorporated shoppable units in both experimental and long-term contexts. Those units have linked directly to brands’ purchase pages, as opposed to third-party ecommerce platforms like Amazon.