Amidst isolation, whose media habits are changing most?

Boomers are watching more linear TV, but a different group is leading the way across categories like SVOD and music streaming.

Far and wide, the industry has predicted that the extreme social changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will create widespread changes in media consumption habits. But who’s changing the most drastically?

GlobalWebIndex’s research across 13 markets reveals that Gen Z demonstrates the largest increase in media consumption; more than any other demo during the outbreak.┬áThe research looked at 18 activities, such as streaming, music consumption and more, and Gen Z showed the greatest increase in 13 of them.

More than half of Gen Z audiences are using more social media, compared to half of Millennials, one third of Gen X-ers and 22% of Boomers.

Gen Z is also twice as likely as Gen X and seven-times more likely than Boomers to be using music streaming services.

Millennials have only increased time spent on three daily activities: watching news, using streaming platforms such as Netflix and socializing as a household.

Meanwhile, both Gen X and Boomers are spending increased time in just two activities: watching linear TV and watching news.

The only media activity led by Boomers is the consumption of linear TV – 51%, versus 43% of the next-biggest consumers in Gen Z.