How Quebecor’s targeting receptive ad audiences

Receptivity will allow advertisers to figure out which audiences are most open to its messages in real time.

Quebecor has launched Receptivity, a new mobile audience targeting service using Quebec-based Contxtful’s patented technology. Receptivity enables advertisers to target consumers when they are most open to receiving messages – in real time. It uses a combination of machine learning and AI algorithms to measure attention levels and understand the setting and location of a mobile device.

The technology uses publicly accessible, completely anonymous mobile sensors to measure the usage context of each connected device. By combining machine learning with information on human contexts, such as posture, device position, motion and level of concentration, Contxtful has developed a unique indicator, Receptivity, to optimize the performance of digital impressions.

Quebecor can therefore identify the users who are likely to be receptive to advertising and enable its advertisers not only to reach the right audience but to do it at the right time.

The level of receptivity is given a score from one to 100 depending on whether someone is browsing on their device, walking with the mobile or left it sitting unused on a table.

Jean-Sebastien Prenovost, Quebecor director of audience and programmatic solutions, says, “The mobile device could be set on a table but not looked at, in hand while walking or in the metro. All of those little signals that are used by the phone itself are captured and merged together with algorithms from Contxtful.”

Advertisers can buy advertising using the Receptivity service on any of the roster of Quebecor titles, directly or programmatically.

Prenovost says, “It’s just about knowing what to do with the data that was already publicly available. Context-based advertising will be the biggest media trend of 2020 and we are very proud to be the first in the industry to offer Receptivity targeting.”

Targeting with Receptivity is available for direct buys and programmatic campaigns, in all banner formats, on the following mobile sites: Le Journal de Montréal, Le Journal de Québec, Le Guide de l’auto, Salut Bonjour, Clin d’œil, TVA Nouvelles, TVA Sports,, Billie, Le Sac de Chips, Silo 57, Pèse sur Start, Tabloïd, 7 jours, Recettes du Québec, Coup de Pouce, Foodlavie, Espaces, Viago, QUB radio, Canadian Living and Style at Home.