NLogic and TVBeat partner on inventory service

The new software will allow broadcasters to organize their inventory and report on campaigns faster.

Toronto-based analytics software company NLogic has struck a new partnership with fellow software provider TVbeat in order to expand its offerings. Through the partnership, NLogic can now provide a complete picture of TV advertising inventory across multiple platforms and data sources.

David Phillips, president and COO of NLogic, tellsĀ MiCĀ it provides a more centralized picture of available TV and OTT inventory – which has become a more complex area to navigate as broadcasters create new linear and digital opportunities.

“The more familiar you get with these systems, the more you realize they’re very complicated, and they’re often in silos,” he explains. “As consumption patterns change, the delivery mechanisms behind the scenes often change as well, and they’re not all the same as legacy systems. Inventory comes out in very different ways with very different technology. So as a broadcaster, you end up with a very fragmented, internal view that ends up being a lot of manual work.”

TVBeat’s tech allows NLogic to provide an extra layer that helps broadcasters aggregate all of the different types of ad inventory they have in an easy-to-understand way, which Phillips says will help buyers optimize campaign planning.

It also allows broadcasters to simplify their reporting on single campaigns.

Phillips says many of the ongoing trends of the last several years, such as increased OTT consumption and second-screening, have accelerated during the COVID-19 lockdown. Those trends, combined with buyers and advertisers expressing an increased desire to buy TV in a more addressable fashion, make a product like this necessary.

“If broadcasters are aligning their inventory properly, that’s a good thing on the buyer’s side,” he says. “Once a broadcaster is able to assemble their inventory in a meaningful way and report on it very quickly, that means you, as a buyer, can optimize across different platforms.”

He says the two partners are still in the “discovery stage” and that they’re in talks with the various broadcasters on how they can work with them.