Auto explodes on Montreal radio: Media Monitors

Bedding, auto and finance categories are increasing their buys in both cities, marking the first week of significant lifts in Montreal all summer.

After a flurry of radio activity in Toronto, only some categories saw growth in the market. According to the Media Monitors reports for the week ended July 12, some of the categories that made comebacks after easing off of radio buying didn’t show any growth and in fact pulled back somewhat. But Montreal showed some comebacks across several categories after several tepid months.

In Toronto, the top buyer was once again the Government of Ontario, although it pulled back on its buy slightly with a total of 1,207 ads. Second-place buyer Subway remained in the runner-up position, with a nearly identical buy to last week.

Scotiabank rose up to third place, but reduced its buy slightly to 898 ads; Sleep Country Canada came in fourth with 790 ads and the Toyota Dealer Association, which did not purchase any ads the previous week, rounded out the top-five with 748 ads.

Category-wise, the top in Toronto was finance, which grew by nearly 40% to 4,397 spots. Additionally, the second-place category, fast-casual and QSR, saw a slight boost to just over 2,000 spots. However, other categories, such as business and consumer services and government and unions saw slight decreases, while public services and hardware stores saw bigger decreases. Car and truck dealer associations nearly doubled their collective buy, while bedding retail and manufacturers and local car and truck dealers saw significant increases.

Most of the top five buyers in Montreal stayed put, with the Government of Quebec and CTV reducing their buys slightly. Consolidated Credit and Subway saw slight increases, while fourth-place advertiser Chevrolet did not buy in Montreal the previous week.

There were some big category boosts in Montreal. The finance category, which came out on top, saw a 39% increase to 1,127 total spots. Two different auto categories – Asian factory and domestic factory – also burst onto the charts after not making any buys last week, with 825 and 642 total ads, respectively. Other categories showing significant growth were fast casual/QSR, and bedding retail and manufacturers.

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