Teachers out-spend Ontario gov on radio in Toronto: Media Monitors

Meanwhile, auto sectors and QSRs saw big boosts, while finance slipped.

There were a number of shifts in the radio market for the last full week of August – specifically in Toronto, where the Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario (ETFO) climbed up the charts to purchase a total of 932 ads, only just outspending the Ontario government, which purchased 917 spots. The ETFO push drew attention to issues such as class size and safety precautions, as many school boards are set to resume classes in Ontario on a full-time basis.

But the union and the government weren’t the only big spenders: Speedy Glass actually held the top spot with more than 1,300 ads, while new entrant Hyundai nipped at its heels in second. Bell Canada took third with 1,159 ads, while the Toyota Dealer Association held strong in fourth and Sleep Country Canada rounded out the top five.

Many categories saw moderate boosts throughout the week. The top finisher, auto dealer associations, had 3,109 total ads, an increase of 22% from the previous week. Business and consumer services, auto dealer associations, wireless carriers, auto parts, services and towing and bedding all saw minor to moderate increases. Bigger lifts came from government and unions (up 25%) and QSR (up 72%), while the finance category dropped its buy by 33%.

Montreal’s radio market was much more consistent, though the categories that have gradually increased their spend continue to make bigger waves.

The provincial government continues to be the biggest spender in the Montreal market, sustaining its large buy with 908 ads. Dormez-vous followed in second with 439, wihile Consolidated Credit, Bell Canada and Mazda rounded out the top-five, all with more than 350 spots.

For categories, some of the big spenders in Montreal either stayed steady or saw their orders deplete slightly – although Asian factory autos held the top spot, that collective buy was reduced by 23% to 1,172. Government and unions also saw a small (4%) drop. But modest boosts were seen in business and consumer services, wireless carriers, bedding and wireless internet services.

Overall, Montreal saw roughly the same number of categories increase, and decrease, as in Toronto, but the amounts were less drastic.

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