Auto zooms back with a vengeance on Toronto radio: Media Monitors

Th category also continued to climb in Montreal, but government remained on top.

A new brand pulled in as the top radio advertiser in Toronto, according to data from Media Monitors for the week ended Oct. 18.

The Toyota Dealers Association purchased a whopping 1,821 ads for the week, ousting last week’s top buyer GoodFood from the top spot, even though the meal subscription service continued to buy big at 1,405 spots. New entrant Speedy Glass sped into third, also with more than 1,000 ads. OLG and the Lexus Dealers Association rounded out the top-five.

Even though some categories took their feet off the gas – like finance, which went down to just under 2,400 from 3,823 – there were some big lifts, especially among auto categories. Auto dealer associations doubled to more than 5,200, Asian factory autos purchased 1,483 after barely being on the board last week and local auto dealers doubled to 1,321. Other major increases were seen from government and public service.

In Montreal, which is in the throes of its second wave, the Provincial Government continued to advertise big to keep viewers informed. The rest of the top-five remained virtually unchanged, with Nissan, CTV, Hydro-Qu├ębec and Consolidated Credit following.

Government and finance remained the top two buying categories with their purchases downgraded only slightly from the last week. However, the categories that followed – Asian factory autos, television, public service, domestic factory auto and auto dealer associations – all saw increases. Local auto dealers, the tenth-biggest category, also quadrupled its collective buy to 404.

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