Auto categories soften in Toronto, Montreal: Media Monitors

GoodFood took the top spot in Toronto, while the Provincial Government increased its presence in Montreal.

Meal delivery kit Goodfood kept relatively steady with its radio buy in Toronto for the week ending Nov. 1, according to the Media Monitors release for the week. However, despite maintaining a buy above 1,300, it advanced to be the top buyer for the week, as the Toyota Dealer Association pulled back on last week’s buy. In fact, most auto advertisers lessened their buys overall; while auto categories like dealers and manufacturers dominated the Toronto and Montreal charts last week, they were quieter this week.

OLG and the Ontario Government boosted their buys. The top-five in Toronto was rounded out by Bell Mobility and BMO.

Although auto categories cooled down, there were some noteworthy rises; QSRs topped the categories at 2,743 (up from 2,193) and business and consumer services rose by more than 25% to 2,511. Wireless carriers also nearly doubled to 2,095. There were a few small lifts, but many other categories saw all-around falls, whether they were moderate (governments and unions, lotteries and television and cable TV went down slightly) or more severe (auto dealer associations went down by more than half, and finance went down by more than 1,000 total ads).

Similar patterns occurred in Montreal, which had been gradually heating up over the last several weeks. The Provincial Government stayed on top with a similar buy to last week, but QSR Subway rose to 398 ads, a big step up from last week’s 267.

While one auto advertiser made the top-five (Mazda, in fourth place at 338), auto categories were also far less prominent on the Montreal charts.

The only auto category to crack the top-10 was Asian factory autos, and at 576, that was just over one-third of last week’s 1,550 order. Government and unions topped the category charts, down slightly to 1,249, while finance was in second with a small boost. QSR and cable TV also saw small lifts.

Besides wireless carriers, which grew to 374 from 91 ads the previous week, most of the lifts – and reductions – in radio ads per category were small.

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