Auto dealers cede top spot in Toronto: Media Monitors

Public service and government ads retake their leads amid renewed and intensified lockdown measures.

For the first time in nearly a month, auto dealers were not the biggest radio advertisers in Toronto.

According to Media Monitors’ latest report for last week, public service and advocacy groups saw the most ads air of any category, with 2,113, an 8.75% increase in radio spending compared to the previous week. Banks and financial services had the second most radio ads air in market, with 1,842. Auto dealers fell out of the top ten.

For the second week in a row, the top three brands stayed the same in Toronto. Meal kit Goodfood took the city’s top spot, with Canadian Blood Services and the Government of Ontario following. There’s been a push in recent weeks for blood donations, as Canadians aren’t donating as much due to the pandemic – there’s also been an increased governmental push for Ontarians to stay at home amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Shell and Sobey’s Voila delivery service also re-entered the list at fourth and fifth, respectively.

In Montreal, the Government of Quebec took the top radio advertising spot yet again, with its ads played 922 times – 526 more than second-place Crave, which began a radio push last week to shoot up the list and push CTV down to number three.

Government and union ads were the leading category in the Montreal market yet again.

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