Government ads dominate radio airwaves: Media Monitors

Ongoing reminders to stay safe out-played ads from meal kit, financial and media brands.

After being the top radio advertiser in Toronto for the past two weeks, Goodfood has been upended by the Government of Ontario, according to Media Monitors’ latest report.

The report, which spans Jan. 11 to Jan. 17, shows that the Government of Ontario’s push to remind residents to stay safe during new lockdown measures included 1,508 radio ads, up from 1,014 times the week prior. That outpaced Goodfood, which is continuing its radio blitz, but only played 1,327 ads.

A similar trend was seen in Montreal, where Quebec’s provincial government was once again the most active advertiser, with 883 ad spots, a far leap ahead of CTV’s 388 ads.

Despite this, in Toronto, banks and financial services brands were ahead of both the public service and government categories when looking at ads played by category. In Montreal, government ads were in the top spot, with a more subdued push from banks landing the category in second.

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