Police dramas rule the week: Numeris

Blue Bloods and The Rookie attracted the most viewers nationally, while SRC's televisual gala topped ratings in Quebec.

Canadian audiences gravitated towards police dramas for the week spanning Jan. 4 to Jan. 10, with Blue Bloods topping the national ratings, according to the latest data from Numeris.

The show brought in an average-minute audience of roughly 2.05 million viewers, while fellow CTV police drama, The Rookie, had the second-largest national audience, with 1.84 million viewers. Rounding out the top three was Magnum P.I., with 1.69 million viewers per average minute.

In the Quebec market, Célébration 2021 – a televisual gala featuring musical and performative artists – attracted 1.29 million viewers, making it the most-watched program in the province. Infoman, Radio-Canada’s satirical news show, had 1.263 million viewers – the second-highest average-minute audience in Quebec, while Les Pays d’en haut, another Radio-Canada program, garnered the third-largest audience, with 1.262 million viewers.

Canada (Anglophone) 

1. Blue Bloods on CTV Friday at 10 p.m.: 2.05 million
2. The Rookie on CTV Sunday at 10 p.m.: 1.84 million viewers
3. Magnum P.I. on CTV Friday at 9 p.m.: 1.69 million viewers
4. Call Me Kat on CTV Thursday at 9 p.m.: 1.57 million viewers
5. NFL Playoffs on CTV Saturday at 1 p.m.: 1.43 million viewers

Quebec (Francophone) 

1. Célébration 2021 on TVA Sunday at 7 p.m.: 1.29 million viewers
2. Infoman on SRC Thursday at 7:30 p.m.: 1.263 million viewers
3. Les Pays d’en haut on SRC Monday at 9 p.m.: 1.262 million viewers
4. Une autre histoire on SRC Monday at 8 p.m.: 1.224 million viewers
5. Toute la vie on SRC Tuesday at 8 p.m.: 1.221 million viewers

Montreal (Anglophone) 

1. This Is Us on CTV Montreal Tuesday at 9 p.m.: 69,000 viewers
2. The Rookie on CTV Montreal Sunday at 10 p.m.: 66,000 viewers
3. Call Me Kat on CTV Montreal Thursday at 9 p.m.: 60,000 viewers
4. Bob (Hearts) Abishola on CTV Montreal Monday at 8:30 p.m.: 46,000 viewers
5. Blue Bloods on CTV Montreal Friday at 10 p.m.: 45,000 viewers


1. Call Me Kat on CTV Ontario Thursday at 9 p.m.: 430,000 viewers
2. Blue Bloods on CTV Ontario Friday at 10 p.m.: 410,000 viewers
3. NFL Playoffs on CTV Ontario Saturday at 1 p.m.: 366,000 viewers
4. The Rookie on CTV Ontario Sunday at 10 p.m.: 335,000 viewers
5. Magnum P.I. on CTV Ontario Friday at 9 p.m.: 325,000 viewers


1. The Rookie on CTV Calgary Sunday at 8 p.m.: 111,000 viewers
2. CTV Evening News Weekend on CTV Calgary Sunday at 6 p.m.: 98,000 viewers
3. MacGyver on Global Calgary Friday at 9 p.m.: 86,000 viewers
4. Blue Bloods on CTV Calgary Friday at 8 p.m.: 83,000 viewers
5. Bull on Global Calgary Monday at 8 p.m.: 82,000 viewers


1. The Rookie on CTV Edmonton Sunday at 8 p.m.: 111,000 viewers
2. CTV Evening News on CTV Edmonton Sunday at 6 p.m.: 86,000 viewers
3. Blue Bloods on CTV Edmonton Friday at 8 p.m.: 86,000 viewers
4. Star Trek: Discovery on CTV Sci Fi+ Thursday at 9 p.m.: 76,000 viewers
5. The Curse of Oak Island on History+ Sunday at 10 p.m.: 66,000 viewers


1. 60 Minutes on Global BC Sunday at 7 p.m.: 186,000 viewers
2. The Masked Dancer on CTV Vancouver Wednesday at 8 p.m.: 142,000 viewers
3. NCIS: New Orleans on Global BC Sunday at 9 p.m.: 140,000 viewers
4. Blue Bloods on CTV Vancouver Friday at 10 p.m.: 135,000 viewers
5. NCIS: Los Angeles on Global BC Sunday at 8 p.m.: 135,000 viewers.