Volkswagen takes top spot in Toronto: Media Monitors

The automaker is one of several that kicked up its radio buys last week.

Volkswagen has catapulted into the top spot of radio advertisers in Toronto, having not previously been in the top 10 in the market in recent weeks.

According to Media Monitors’ latest report¬†– spanning from Jan. 18 to Jan. 24¬†– the automotive brand had its ads played 1,375 times. It was followed by Scotiabank, which climbed to the number two spot after being at number six the previous week. Canadian Blood Services continuing its push for blood donations in the midst of the pandemic for number three, while automakers Toyota and Subaru also had big pushes this week.

Banks and financial services’ brands were, for the second week, the category with the most ads played in Toronto. The big pushes from individual automakers had foreign cars in at number two, with local dealer associations in at number five.

In Montreal, it was more of the same, with the Government of Quebec at the top, followed by Bell, Casino Montreal and Educ’alcool playing the most radio ads last week.

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