Lotteries double down in Toronto: Media Monitors

QSRs still held strong in the Toronto market, while most categories dropped play counts across the board in Montreal.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming increased its radio play count by over 250% to hit the top of the charts in Toronto, according to the data from Media Monitors for the week of Feb. 22 to 28.

In Toronto this week, OLG reported a play count of 2,661, versus last week’s 972, followed by McDonald’s, holding strong in second place with 1,447, and the Government of Ontario making an appearance in the top 10, grabbing third with 1,026.

Overall, lotteries surged categorically in the Toronto market with 3,467 spots versus 1,729 the week before. The QSR category held steady in second, with Business and Consumer Services also making a surge from 1,006 the week before, to 2,275 last week.

Financial services were also still strong in the Toronto radio market, but their play count dropped significantly, reporting 1,582 versus 2,891 the week before.

In Montreal, the Government of Quebec maintained the top spot and McDonald’s fell behind the likes of Volkswagen and Casino Montreal.

Play counts for the Government category and Asian automotive manufacturers went down significantly, reflecting the rest of the Montreal market, most of which saw a decrease or stayed flat across the board, barring European automotive manufacturers, which saw an increase to a play count of 534 from 188 the week before.

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