ICYMI: TSN makes Habs games interactive

Plus, MTM launches product focused on new Canadians and SendtoNews adds food content from Gusto.
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TSN debuts 5G-powered, interactive sports broadcasts

Habs and Canucks fans can quite literally get a different perspective on the game tonight.

Called TSN 5G View (Vision 5G RDS in French) and available through the TSN and RDS mobile apps, the service allows viewers to zoom in, change and rotate camera angles, replay and go into slow motion during key plays of the game. They can also zoom in and out at any time during a live broadcast, and get the same interactive features during post-game highlights and analysis.

The service is only available to those with a 5G-capable device who are Bell mobile subscribers, as the telco’s 5G mobile network is powering the experience.  The speed of 5G networks has been predicted to enable more immersive experiences, thanks to its high data-transfer rate. After tonight, 5g View will also only be available during broadcasts of Montreal Canadiens games in Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Eastern Ontario (which TSN holds the regional broadcast rights to), though TSN says it plans to expand the service to more sports events, teams and venues in the future.

MTM dives into the habits of new Canadians

Media Technology Monitor has announced that it will be launching MTM Newcomers in the spring, a product focused on the media habits and technology adoption of new Canadians.

The data will be based on online surveys and in-person interviews with 4,000 respondents made up of newcomers and international students who have come to Canada in the past five years (there will be an additional control sample of 800 people that were born in Canada). Surveys will be administered in English, French, Tagalog, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Arabic and Spanish.

With the announcement, MTM also released a number of statistics about new Canadians based on other recent research. Among the findings: more than half of those who have arrived in Canada in the past 10 years are part of MTM’s “TV My Way” segment, and are less interested in traditional TV and more interested in SVOD services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. They are also heavy YouTube users for both video and music content: 95% of those who have arrived within 10 years say they watch videos on YouTube (compared to three quarters of the rest of Canada) and 93% stream music via the site (compared to two-thirds of the rest of the country).

SendtoNews adds Gusto to its roster

SendtoNews has brought digital content from culinary media company Gusto Worldwide Media to its online video platform.

Gusto brings food content to SendtoNews’ roster of 200 video providers, which also include the MLB, NBA, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Conde Nast, Rolling Stone and Variety. Like with all of its providers, SendtoNews will deliver Gusto content to over 1,800 publishers across North America, pairing it with relevant audiences and advertisers.

Since its linear channel was rebranded to “CTV Life” by Bell Media in 2019, Gusto has repositioned itself as a digital media company based around food, which has included relaunching Gusto TV as an ad-supported VOD service through numerous platforms.