Lotteries buy the top in Toronto: Media Monitors

OLG maintains the top spot in Toronto, governments surge again in Montreal and automakers continue to rise in the radio ranks.

The government category surged to the top spot in the Montreal radio market, and lotteries managed to maintain the top in Toronto, according to the numbers for last week from Media Monitors.

Governments and unions also invested considerably more in Toronto last week, moving up from 1097 to 1964, which was only slightly reflected at the individual account level with the Government of Ontario hitting second place behind OLG.

International automakers continued a surge in the Toronto market, logging 2894 radio spots last week, compared to 1940 the week before. They maintained their second-place position in Montreal, despite a slight dip in play count.

At the individual account level in Toronto, the Toyota Dealer Association moved from eighth spot to fourth (846). Suburu dropped from sixth to eighth spot (709), and Lexus made an appearance in the Toronto rankings with a play count of 766. In Montreal, Nissan stayed in fifth (274), and Honda made an appearance in eighth (209).

The television and cable TV category jumped significantly in the Toronto market, moving from 742 to 1232, helped by a push from Bell, which moved into third in the individual rankings.

In Montreal, while the wireless carrier category radio spend stayed relatively flat, Bell Mobility jumped into the top 10 from 51st the week before.

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