How Clorox bought media around a new on-the-go consumer

Media Experts built awareness and consideration in the brand's largest national campaign in recent history.
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We still need to stay home to stay as safe as possible, but what about when you do need to go out?

Working around the media insight that everyone still has somewhere to be, and a strategy targeting consumers where they’ll most likely be concerned about the safety of their friends and family, Clorox Canada initiated the largest national launch in recent history for the brand’s cleaning portfolio to become the country’s official out-of-home disinfecting wipe.

According to a recent Leger survey Clorox participated in, 62% of Canadians surveyed would be more confident going out if they knew they had a disinfecting wipe or spray with them. “As a brand that has been trusted by Canadians for decades, we wanted to provide a widely-available wipes product that would allow for consumers to extend their personal protection bubble to wherever they are,” Avish Sood, brand manager for Clorox and Pine-Sol at The Clorox Company tells MiC, whether that’s “dropping their kids at daycare, heading to the grocery store, jumping on a bus or visiting a local restaurant.”

While the Clorox brand has always been well-known for its overall cleaning capabilities, traditionally, disinfecting products had a narrower audience: those who were responsible for cleaning the house (the brand’s aspirational target is between 25 and 40). Now, they are showing up prominently on everyone’s radar with on-the-go… outdoor applications that were never part of the consideration set.

As a result, the brand’s media agency, Media Experts, built a strategy for Clorox’s On The Go disinfecting wipes around two key pillars: build immediate awareness during consumer downtime – “before you go” – and drive consideration and trial around contextually-relevant “while you’re out” opportunities.

“The best way to describe how we went about planning this campaign was in 2020, people needed their phone, key, wallets and mask prior to leaving the house,” Meghan Kennedy, media account director for Media Experts tells MiC. “We want to make sure that On The Go Wipes gets added to this list.”

Before you go

Out of the gate, the agency focused on TV and digital for the broader, more immediate “before you go” approach.

TV tactics featured a 15-second spot targeting mass news channels where users would get COVID updates, along with a Breakfast Television integration where the hosts found organic moments to use the On The Go wipes on camera, along with an integration on CTV Your Morning later this month showcasing their use.

For digital, it ran six- and 15-second videos across YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok to reach a mass audience while segmenting around safety and protection.

More specifically, Media Experts narrowed the larger digital focus into specific groups to reflect the various on-the-go occasions where cleanliness would be top of mind. These included a “Social Butterfly” group, targeting students, “Recreationalists” (gym go-ers) and a “Go-Getter” group, targeting grocery shoppers.

While you’re out

To connect with consumers while they’re on the go, Media Experts decided to activate across Spotify and DOOH.

This is Clorox Canada’s first effort on Spotify, and while there were visual components in the form of ad creative for those “before you go” opportunities, it was primarily designed for those on the go. “There are many people driving in their car, walking to the grocery store or even going for a run listening to Spotify,” says Kennedy, so it sponsored Spotify’s “Have a Great Day” playlist.

For DOOH, it focused on digital TSAs, specifically across metro markets via the Astral and Pattison network. Activations were targeted in close proximity to grocery stores, pharmacies, gyms and post-secondary schools. Multiple creatives were employed to provide context based on placement. For example, if someone is waiting for a streetcar in Toronto, the creative they’ll see on the transit activation will call out transit-specific messaging.

The campaign launched on Jan. 26 and runs until August or September, with possible extensions, according to Clorox’s Sood.

Additional agency partners included FCB (creative) and Mosaic (shopper marketing).