Car brands continue to grow their radio buys: Media Monitors

Government advertisers also maintain strong play counts as well across the board.

Dealer associations and Asian automakers took Toronto’s top two spots in the radio ranking categories for the week of Apr. 19 to Apr. 25, according to the latest numbers from Media Monitors.

That translated into the Honda Dealer Association driving from 16th to take the top spot at the account level in Toronto and Hyundai jumping into a close second from outside the rankings, relegating Goodfood and the provincial government third and fourth, respectively.

In Montreal, while the top three categories were consistent from the week prior, the rankings altered slightly, with the Government and Union category taking first, followed by Asian and domestic automakers.

The city’s account-level rankings stayed the same with the Government of Quebec at the top, with Buick Cadillac and Chevrolet GMC Parts and Services in a distant second and Nissan in third. Chevrolet Spark surged into fourth from 19th the week prior.

It’s also worthy of note that meal kit brand Goodfood is beginning to make its mark in Montreal after months of topping radio buy rankings in Toronto, spending up from 43rd to make the top 10 in the market.

In Toronto, Bell Internet TV was the only account-level player to hit the top 10 from outside the rankings this week.

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