Goodfood and government top Toronto: Media Monitors

QSRs also surged in the market, while governments and banks controlled the top in Montreal.

Meal kit brand Goodfood kept the top spot in Toronto’s radio market for the second week in a row, and QSRs more than doubled their radio plays to make their way back into Toronto’s top five category rankings, according to the latest numbers from Media Monitors for the week of May 3 to May 9.

The provincial government also surged in Toronto, moving from outside the top 10 to second, followed by Ratesdotca, Desjardins Insurance and Canadian Blood Services.

Categorically, that helped banks and credit unions, along with business services, increasing their spots slightly, while food and beverage retailers dipped.

In Montreal, while the Government of Quebec maintains its months-long hold on the top spot, banks and credit unions upped their spend for the week, almost doubling, including Tangerine jumping into second at the account level from outside the Montreal radio rankings.

Domestic automotive manufacturers also nearly doubled their spots, which wasn’t reflected on the account side, but wireless carriers jumped from 11 radio spots to 276, which translated into Bell Mobility fitting into the top five with a play count of 214.

Sleep Country also made its way into Montreal’s top 10 from outside the rankings with 198.

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