Goodfood reclaims the top radio spot: Media Monitors

Automative categories also moved up the rankings in Toronto's radio market, and maintained a strong position in Montreal.

Food and beverage retailers upped their radio spots in the Toronto market by 50%, taking the top spot in the category rankings for the week of May 17 to May 23, according to the latest data from Media Monitors.

Automotive dealer associations and business and consumer services also kept their radio buys strong, increasing their spots by 39% and 90%, respectively.

That all translated into meal kit maker Goodfood reclaiming the top radio spot in Toronto at the account level, taking over from Desjardins Insurance, relegated to second, followed by the Honda Dealer Association, which jumped into third from 22nd, and the Ford Dealer Association in fourth from seventh the week prior.

And while the Government of Quebec maintained its strong lead in the Montreal market, the Toyota Dealer Association moved into second from sixth, followed by Nissan in third. Categorically, there weren’t any significant shifts in Montreal, besides dealer associations increasing spots by over 50% compared to the week before.

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