Liquid Media continues its acquisition run

The latest acquisitions expand the content studio's VOD offering and discoverability services.

Vancouver-based Liquid Media Group is acquiring Filmdab and iGEMStv, amplifying the studio’s SVOD offering and overall VOD discoverability, complementing the recent Indieflix acquisition and its soon-to-relaunch enhanced streaming platform.

The investment is a marked continuation of the content studio’s acquisition run, following new distribution partnerships with Insight TV and dotstudioPRO, which, in turn, expand Liquid’s total audience reach to nearly a billion households globally, and round out its streaming platform ecosystem to include full content lifecycle support, from live events, to VOD through to SVOD.

Filmdab, which operates as Filmocracy, combines technology for hosting live events with a streaming platform that enables monthly subscribers to watch movies and attend virtual film festivals around the world. Previous clients include the American Film Market, the Television Academy, the American Society of Cinematographers and festivals such as San Diego International, Paris International Film Festival and the Bahamas International Film Festival.

iGEMStv features a recommendation engine built around human curation, word of mouth and machine learning to help audiences discover what to watch, and where they can find it. The platform offers advanced search tools for searches by genre, category, emoji or mood. Dashboards are available for tracking watchlists, ratings and reviews and will complement Liquids growing VOD library.

Liquid is also working on the development of a new FAST (free advertising supported TV) channel through its partnership with millennial-focused Insight TV.