Goodfood takes back the top: Media Monitors

Despite losing the number one ranking, lotteries stayed strong in Toronto, along with the insurance category, which increased its radio play in Montreal as well.

Goodfood reclaims its top spot in the Toronto radio market after a few weeks outside the rankings, according to the latest numbers from Media Monitors for the week of July 5 to July 11.

OLG was relegated to second from first, reflecting a strong lottery spend on the category side in the Toronto market, just slightly up from last week. Food and beverage retailers had 75% more spots this week than last, along with insurance providers, who increased their radio coverage significantly, jumping up to 1,061 spots from 113, which saw Belair Direct sliding into fourth from outside the rankings.

Peloton also layered more radio into its media mix in the Toronto market, jumping into the 10th spot from 20th the week before.

While the provincial government maintained its lead in Montreal (895), insurance providers also bet heavily on radio in the market with 735 spots versus 235 the week before, which brought Belair Direct up to second on the account side, behind the Government of Quebec, along with Accent Insurance Solutions, which moved into fourth from ninth.

Domestic automakers also accelerated their investment in radio in Montreal, increasing to 452 spots from 144.

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