Automated planning drives revenue growth for AcuityAds

The adtech company's Illumin platform triggered a 135% increase in client acquisition compared to the first quarter this year.

Revenue from Illumin, AcuityAds’ planning platform that it rolled out in Oct. 2020, increased to $5.2 million in Q2, over 60% growth compared to Q1 this year.

The adtech company ended the second quarter with 40 Illumin clients, up over 135% versus the first quarter, with management projecting the number to increase in quarters ahead, according to a statement on July 15.

Illumin automates the planning and activation process, with additional data visualization and management related to consumer journeys, filling the gap in automated advertising that many buyers reportedly find in the programmatic process.

Interestingly, “the vast majority of Illumin revenues came from clients which are new to the company,” said Tal Hayek, CEO and co-founder of AcuityAds, in a statement. “Given our rapidly increasing backlog and pipeline, we believe Illumin’s sequential revenue growth will see solid momentum throughout the second half of the year.”