How does your Facebook News Feed work?

A new video series 'Let Me Explain' has the answers

Your Facebook News Feed can connect you to who and what matters most: your people, your interests and your world — all in one place. Facebook’s goal is to make sure you see the posts that are most valuable to you at the top of your Feed every time you open the Facebook app. And because most people have more content in their News Feed than they could possibly browse in one session, they use an algorithm to determine the order of all of the posts you can see. But how exactly does this algorithm work? How does it decide what to prioritize in your Feed? Find out in this episode of Let Me Explain — a video series that breaks down a complex topic related to safety and integrity on the company’s platforms.

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Look for the next episode of Let Me Explain, coming to Facebook for Business News in October. If you missed the last episode that digs into what?s allowed on Facebook platforms, click here to watch.