Telcos take the top in Toronto: Media Monitors

Party ads have also begun to take up their share of radio plays ahead of the federal election.

QSRs have scaled back their radio buys and wireless carriers and automakers have filled the gap, according to Media Monitors data for the week of Aug. 16 – 22.

While Goodfood re-took the top spot, Chatr Mobile came in second and Fido in fourth, with Telus dropping from third to fifth. Outside of mobile, Bell also held on to the number seven spot for ads behind its internet service.

Categorically, wireless carriers were far and away the most active radio advertiser in Toronto, with over 4,246 spots, up from an already high 1,896 the week before. Banks, QSRs and public service ads were also big advertisers in Toronto last week.

The upcoming federal election has also begun to have an impact on radio plays, with the Conservative Party of Canada being the third-most active advertiser on Toronto’s airwaves.

In Montreal, while the Government of Quebec continues to hold on to the top spot, automakers have significantly increased their radio presence, with the Toyota Dealer Association jumping to second, and Honda, the Honda Dealer Association and the Mazda Dealer Association all jumping into the top ten. This was reflected in the category rankings, with government and automotive ads taking the top spot.

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