Air France, Planet Fitness buy big in Toronto: Media Monitors

Wireless brands also maintained their recent buying habits, while automakers kept up their buys in Montreal.

Two brands that are eager to welcome back customers after nearly a year-and-a-half of restrictions ramped up their radio buys last week, according to Media Monitors data for the week of Aug. 23 to 29.

Frequent top radio buyer Goodfood scaled back its radio spots, leaving room for Air France to buy the most spots in Toronto in anticipation of Canadian travellers returning to leisure travel. The airline was followed by Planet Fitness, which is in the midst of a push to bring new members to its network of gyms with COVID-19 safety measures.

Chatr Mobile and Fido maintained their strong buys, helping the wireless category keep its spot as the most active radio advertiser in Toronto, though the total number of ads was nearly half of what it was the week prior. Banks, automakers and QSRs also maintained their strong buys from recent weeks.

Air France was also highly active in Montreal, where it bought the third-most radio spots, behind the Government of Quebec, which continues to be the most active in the province, and the Hyundai Dealer’s Association, which leaped to second from outside the top ten.

Beyond that, the list features mostly familiar brands, with Dormez-vous re-entering the rankings and Honda and Subway maintaining their top ten spots. Categorically, automotive ads took the top spot, followed by government ads.

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