Newcomers to Canada are more reliant on their phones

A survey by MTM finds mobile devices tend to be their primary entertainment, communications and information-seeking device.

Media Technology Monitor has released a new report on mobile device penetration and usage among newcomers to Canada, showing that cell phones are their primary communication and entertainment device.

Canadian-born consumers are also major cellphone owners (96%), but newcomers have them beat (99%). Apple’s iPhone is the most popular brand with both groups, followed by Samsung.

Newcomers are also less likely to own other devices than consumers born in Canada, whether it be TVs (74% vs 94%) or
computers and laptops (74% vs 87%). In addition, 87% of newcomers are “cell phone only” individuals, so it’s no surprise that newcomers are less likely to subscribe to telecommunications services that aren’t cell phone plans – 69%, compared to 82% of other Canadians.

In line with those findings, smartphones are the device used most often by newcomers to perform searches, watch SVOD or online video, listen to streaming music, access social media and read the news. Canadian-born consumers are more likely to use an array of different devices for these activities.

While topline services from the likes of Rogers and Bell are popular across consumer groups, less expensive cell phone plans and flanker brands are more popular with newcomers than with Canadian-born consumers. Fido and Freedom are twice as popular with newcomers than with other Canadians.