Canadian Cancer Society tops the radio charts in Toronto

Over in Montreal, the government continued to purchase the most time on radio airwaves for the week of Jan 24.

As pandemic restrictions ease in Ontario, the government fell off the Media Monitors list, making way for the Canadian Cancer Society in Toronto for the week of Jan. 24 – 30.

Coming off National Smoking Cessation Week, the Canadian Cancer Society’s radio buy topped the list at #1 (up from #2), with Public Mobile entering the charts at #2, while PC Optimum jumped 10 spots to #3 in TO.

In Montreal, the government continues to promote social distancing, mask wearing and vaccination to keep people safe, having landed in the top spot on the Media Monitor charts for yet another week. Edu’alcool, once again, landed at #2, while PC Optimum purchased the third-most radio spots in Montreal, up from #13.

Category-wise, Banks, Public Service and Lotteries spent the most in Toronto, with Public Service, Banks and Government among the top three in Montreal.

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