Bell will work with Vector Institute to accelerate AI applications

The telecom signed a five-year deal with the non-profit research organization.

Bell is entering a five-year strategic partnership with the Vector Institute to help accelerate the development and adoption of AI applications across its lines of business.

Bell has AI use cases applying to every line of business and is working to identify areas where machine learning can further improve operations.

One of Bell’s other recent AI-focused partnerships was a multi-year partnership with Veritione in 2020 to bring Veritone’s AI-enabled content and ad solutions to Bell Media’s radio and television stations. AI and advanced analytics are also key in the worlds of programmatic advertising and connected TV, areas in which Bell has become increasingly active in with the launch of its own DSP last fall.

By partnering with Vector Institute, one of the country’s leading AI research centres, the company will have access to Vector’s talent pool and engineering capabilities to accelerate its AI capabilities. Bell has previously built its AI practice through developing its own in-house talent, as well as creating relationships with universities and partnerships with other research organizations.

The Vector Institute is based in Toronto and has a three-year strategy aimed at advancing AI research, as well as increasing adoption, commercialization, and application to “lead Canada towards the responsible use of AI.