Meta consolidates automated ad products

The company rebranded the tools to help advertisers easily identify the products.

Meta is consolidating its automated ad products under a new portfolio called Meta Advantage.

There are two kinds of Advantage products – those that allow advertisers to enhance specific aspects of manual campaign setup, and “Advantage+” products that enable advertisers to automate entire campaigns from end-to-end.

Meta’s Advantage Lookalikes tool allows Meta’s system to reach a broader audience than those defined in the advertiser’s Lookalike audience by identifying when better performance may be achieved outside of the lookalike audience. Meta says studies show that the tool can improve cost per action when compared to using lookalike targeting only.

Other tools include Advantage Detailed Targeting and Advantage+ App Campaigns, which simplify app install campaign creation and drive performance for app advertisers by using real-time learnings to adjust ads across audience, placement and creative. Advantage+ Placements finds the most effective placement for a given ad, while Advantage+ Creative bundles a set of creative optimizations into a single-entry point. Another tool, Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, which has not yet been released, works to help optimize across multiple campaign levers to find the best opportunities to drive conversions.

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram made another change to its ad targeting back in January, when it removed thousands of targeting options that enable marketers to deliver ads based on topics such as health, political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation.